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Flash Design
Wensil excels in Flash website design. Flash designing is a dedicated task and Wensil has a team of experienced professionals that excel in designing Flash web templates. Flash is a versatile tool that can be used to create highly interactive web applications and presentations and Wensil understands its advantage and need. Wensil has successfully designed Flash websites that have been admired by the clients as well the viewers.

Flash websites are compelling. It creates a powerful impression and leaves a mark in the minds of the people. Flash websites are packed with multimedia features which add to the appearance of the website.

Adding a Flash Design to a website enhances its attractiveness and look and feel of the website. The eye-catching look of the website is enhanced when Flash designs are used and implemented. Wensil has successfully implemented the Flash designs to add to the appearance of the websites.
Action Scripting
ActionScript is a scripting language based on ECMAScript. ActionScript is used primarily at Wensil for the development of websites and software using the Adobe Flash Player platform. As a specialized firm, the team of designers and developers at Wensil make use of ActionScript to create a great design that the client appreciates. Meeting up to the client’s requirement, ActionScript adds to the attractiveness of the website. ActionScript is an object-oriented programming language that is designed specifically for Web site animation.

The clients are looking for impressive designs that need the use of Flash and ActionScripting. We at Wensil understand their requirements and make the designs eye-catching and extraordinary. Wensil believes in creating the Flash animations that would really make you stop for a while and take note of the wonderful graphic designs that we design. Wensil has created Flash site introductions, Flash videos, Flash-based shopping carts, animated Flash logos and Flash banners. The team at Wensil is equipped with the art of designing the Flash animations that are really attractive.

Advantages of Flash:
Ideal for multimedia.
Well–suited for interactive apps and games.
Able to manipulate vector & raster graphics.
Supports bi-directional audio & video streaming.
Supported by a wide-array of platforms and browsers.

Flash lets you create an experience that can act as an animated movie, a rich website which can be very useful and can act as a promotional tool to increment the sales. A well-made flash design can be the main focus of attention of the website. And at Wensil we take care of the client’s requirement and needs.
Wensil being an interactive firm specializes in creating high-quality XML Flash websites that are really amazing and eye-catching. Wensil uses XML which is widely implemented in Web services and data exchange applications which are used for general Web design, development and maintenance. XML should be beneficial to a wide variety of diverse applications: authoring, browsing, content analysis, etc. And Wensil believes in creating the solutions that are liked by the clients.

Wensil believes in making the websites more secure and more enhanced in performance by using XML technology. Wensil creates the XML designs which are fully customizable so that these can be quickly and easily changed to suit the client’s needs and requirements. Wensil guarantees the exceptional quality of the designs being designed by our skilled team.

Wensil uses the powerful tool of adding custom content to your website. The expert team of designers and developers at Wensil are aware of the importance of News sections, corporate Blogs, customer testimonials, and industry news sections which are the excellent ways to maintain a connection with your customers and provide fresh content to your site.

Advantages of XML:

Designing and programming using XML.
Development, support, and enhancement of existing applications in XML.

Wensil believes in leaving a mark in the mind of the users who visit the websites created by their skilled team. Wensil understands that websites must be appealing and user friendly. This is the main focus of attention of the designers. At the end of the day, the client gets satisfied with the performance of the team at Wensil and truly believes in them.

Furthermore, depending on your specific requirements, at Wensil we focus on SEO articles and content writing based on the newest search engine optimization (SEO) requirements, which is really THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of web development. That means, we will write your website's content so that it attracts the attention of search engines and helps you obtain a high ranking, which is by far the most cost-effective way to drive traffic to your web site. To learn more about how we can help you, please contact us.
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